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Hell in a handbasket! Elturel, Baldur's Gate holier-than-thou sister city has vanished from the Forgotten Realms with only a massive crater left where it's white walls once stood. Refugees who somehow survived the apoc...

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How to prepare

You will need the following basics in order to play: • Mic and headphones to prevent feedback and echoes. • Discord (free) to communicate • Roll20 account (free) • Syrinscape account (free) and the online software (also free) • Access to a laptop or desktop computer. • Open mind ready to play!

What I provide

5e books, compendiums, digital handouts, Roll20 pro account, custom tokens, Syrinscape Soundboard

What else should you know

• All GM rolls are typically done out in the open; I don't pull punches on the dice. • Death is on the table, though it'll never be frivolous and always a memorable moment. • I don't tolerate abusive or overly aggressive out-of-character conversations. • If you feel uncomfortable about the game or another player to the point where it needs to be addressed, please tell me. • If I make a ruling that you don't agree with, feel free to inform me after the game. If it's during the game, please do so in a whisper. I usually will rectify as needed, but sometimes I will stick with the ruling I gave and look up sage advice when there's time later. • Please be considerate of your fellow players; we are all here to have fun and that includes them! :)

Gameplay Details

As this is a long adventure, the roleplay and combat per session will vary. There will be sessions of entire combat, there will be sessions where you run into no combat. On average, you can expect about a 50/50 ratio. In the earlier sessions there are dungeon crawls, in the later sessions it's primarily driven by exploration. There's vehicular combat, Mad Max style and there's weird roleplay moments with unique devils and demons. As we are playing on Roll20, you can expect the combat to often be tactical, allowing each of you to carefully plot your next turn! This game is rated R for intense graphic descriptions, horror elements, and harsh language; it contains the following themes: • High Fantasy • Horror • Supernatural • Humorous • Gritty The following safety tools are available during play: • X-Card - A tool that allows anyone to edit out any content anyone is uncomfortable with as we play. Since most RPGs are improvisational and we won't know what will happen till it happens, it's possible the game will go in a direction people don't want. An X-Card is a simple tool to fix problems as they arise. • Open and Inclusive Conversation - While the X-Card is useful, it is not a replacement for conversation. If you prefer to talk about an issue that comes up instead of using the X-Card, please do!

How Will Character Creation Work

We will have a short session 0 and decide together where in the adventure we'd like to start. If you run the adventure start to finish, you'll go from level 1 - 13* (varies from group to group). Some groups find the beginning to be a little slow, as you don't really get to explore the meat of the campaign until around 4th or 5th level.

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