Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Baldur's Gate, Descent into Avernus - DnD 5E - Can you keep the devil away?

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You and your friends did something, something you shouldn't have done. Now rumors about a terrible thing happening to a nearby city has reached you. Is it your fault, or are darker power pulling the strings? Can you undo...

Don't see a time that works for you?

Additional Details

How to prepare

You'll need acces to Discord, Roll20 and a mic for the character creation. I'll help you set up if you're not familiar with it and help with everything else. When we start playing I would prefer a video of you as wel, for RP purposes and people can see when somebody talks. This helps a lot when playing online

What I provide

I'll bring the maps, the knowledge about the lore and the game, make the tokens (unless you want to make your own) and the adventure with music for ambiance.

What else should you know

I don't mind changing things for flavour. Just tell me what you want and we'll find a way within the rules to make it happen (of course within some reason, Mary sue or a 20 on all abilities won't be possible)

Gameplay Details

We'll play Bi-weekly. This adventure has a good mix of RP and Combat.

How Will Character Creation Work

We'll create them together beforehand. That way we can check if everything works and you can get a feel for me as a DM and I of you as a player. We'll also discus things you might not feel comfortably with, so you'll have a good time playing

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Open To All

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