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I enjoy running 3-4 hour sessions for players that want some dnd in their life but don't want to invest in a large campaign. Make yourself a fun level 5 character and come join me in a forest filled with one shot adventu...

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How to prepare

I can work with players of all experience levels so feel free to let me be your first. That being said bringing a premade character is preferred so we can start the session on time. but if that's not possible I would love to help make characters. (I'm not just saying this in a nice way, I would love to help you.)

What I provide

I work in theater of the mind mostly. Since we are digital I miss the joy of handing out note cards with items and things so look forward to the occasional PM for items and things.

What else should you know

I'm here so we can all have fun. Let's figure out what that is together.

Gameplay Details

An average session starts off with everyone introducing your characters. I know some people don't think it's a game unless you start in a tavern but I tend to speed past that and start you all on the road already a party. There you find a cross roads that split 3-5 ways with some thing interesting down each one (an adventure).

How Will Character Creation Work

I would love if players brought with them to the game any level five character. I am pretty lenient on UA but would like to know beforehand if you plan on using any so I can decide if it needs to be tweaked a little for my setting. Also because I am a kind and generous GM I let all my players choose one uncommon and one rare item from the DMG that their character has gotten on their way to level 5.

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