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Alas for the Awful Sea on Roll20, Zoom

Alas for the Awful Sea explores the bitter dilemmas facing starving towns torn apart by crime and loss. To tell this story, it delves into the fantastical, weaving in folktale elements that mirror the beliefs and struggl...

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How to prepare

You are more than welcome to read the rules ahead of time, but please wait until we're all together (we will be in a discord chat) before getting started on character creation.

What I provide

- Alas for the Awful Sea PDF - Digital Character Sheets - Roll20 Game - Zoom Call (main account)

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Gameplay Details

We'll meet for about 1-2 hours (not charged) to go through character and world creation together. We'll build a town and talk about the mystery and troubles that go on there. The following four sessions will be nothing but game-play. You'll be walked through every element of the game, step by step. Players new to PbtA or Alas are more than welcome to join!

How Will Character Creation Work

There are no "levels" in Alas for the Awful Sea. We will do character creation together prior to our first session of play.

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