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Onyx Path Virtual Convention 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Onyx Path Virtual Convention 2021 is hosted on StartPlaying.Games. All Game Masters will need to sign up to run games on StartPlaying.Games to be able to run games for Onyx Path Virtual Convention 2021. Check out this article which details the process of signing up as a Game Master on StartPlaying.Games

To create and list a game for Onyx Path Virtual Convention 2021 you'll follow the steps for creating and listing a game in this article.

Just head over to the games page and sign up for whatever game you like!

Yes! We use Stripe for credit card processing. They are one of the largest and most secure payment processors online.

On StartPlaying.Games Game Masters can select your own pricing. Our data finds that games fill seats more often when they are priced between $5 - $20 per seat.

40% of game proceeds will go to benefit Code2040, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization activating, connecting, and mobilizing the largest racial equity community in tech to dismantle the structural barriers that prevent the full participation and leadership of Black and Latinx technologists in the innovation economy.

Yes, you must use Roll20 as the VTT to participate in this event.

Whatever you like, as long as it doesn't go against our code of conduct.

If you have any questions about using the StartPlaying.Games platform, you can contact