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About me

Hey there everyone! My name is Zö'nira or Zoey to my friends so you can call me that too if you want. I'm a twenty-three year old autistic trans-woman who has been telling stories using TTRPG's since I was just the tiniest of duckos. In that time I've realized that my favorite part of the game is being able to hang out with people who are just as passionate as me both inside and outside the games because honestly, this professional DMing thing is just get me away from another burger joint.

GM style

So I asked my girlfriend who I met through our two-hundred plus sessions of our games for her permission to copy her thoughts on my style here for you all to read: "They made a world that felt real, a world that made sense. A world that responded to what we were doing in a completely realistic and effective manner. It always felt like a game of chess, the pieces were on the board, I could see every player in it. There was never a supersize villain that came out of nowhere, there was never something that didn't have a pre defined reason for existing. They made eight completely different nations, all with their own way of looking at everything! Each with their own histories and religions and just general culture. No regions felt the same, it was like I was stepping into a completely different game when I went from place to place."

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