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About me

Hey! I've been running roleplaying games since I was a teenager, starting with complex systems like Shadowrun and RIFTs, before eventually moving on to other systems including World of Darkness, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and the like. In between, I've run games like Cyberpunk RED, Hero 5th edition, Mutants and Masterminds, and a host of others too numerous to recall. I think there was a TMNT game in there somewhere... As a GM, my emphasis is on an immersive world. I have done voice acting and podcasting for a variety of creative endeavours, including podcast novels, audio dramas, and podcasts centred around writing and creativity. I pride myself on being able to create characterization through voice, and to help shape a world through descriptions. That said, I think it's important to recognize that this is the story of a group of PCs, and so sometimes the best narration I can provide is the briefest one that allows the story to move at the appropriate pace. These games aren't about you listening to me wax philosophical about the world. They're intended to shape a narrative and provide context. I run my games through Foundry VTT, with which I have many years of experience. For voice, I prefer Discord. My tables are *always* inclusive.

GM style

As a GM, I try to engage in all three of the core pillars of RPGs: roleplaying social encounters, combat, and story progression. I use my theatre and musical background to try and create engaging character voices and interesting NPCs for my roleplaying encounters. I personally prefer a good blend of combat and social encounters, which means players should expect at least one combat in each session. I like a faster pace of play, which is to say if there's "silence on the line", I'm apt to push things forward rather than force players into situations. I do my best to engage character backstories throughout the tale.

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