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About me

Greetings and well met! I am GM Zev, but most people who know me just call me Sash. I have been playing RPG's for most of my life in one form or another. My joy for roleplaying was really sparked back in '02 when Bioware released their most ambitious game yet; Neverwinter Nights! Through this game and others, I learned about the wonderful world of imagination that is D&D. Since then I have played and run numerous games across multiple systems. My favourite system by far is 5E and it's Forgotten Realms setting. I have accrued a deep library of knowledge for the setting and love crafting stories grounded in the world of Toril. Recently I have branched out into other worlds, discovering amazing settings like Ravenloft, Exandria, Runeterra, and so many more that I am excited to explore.

GM style

Engaging my players in my stories is very important to me and I love working with them to ground their characters in the setting and facilitating epic character growth moments by giving the player agency to affect the worlds they are a part of. Generally speaking, I try to provide an even mix of Roleplay, Combat, and Exploration in my games, though I do tend to favour Combat at times. This does not mean that my encounters all end in combat, or that combat is the only way to overcome an encounter. I encourage my players to seek out creative solutions all the time and love being surprised by what they come up with. Pacing is a big part of my games, and I make a conscious effort to keep the narrative interesting and the story moving forward each session. I dislike lengthy travel and random encounters for the sake of random encounters, so I make use of Montages and Skill Challenges to determine what happens over long distances. I would rather have a smooth experience than a long drawn-out one. I tend to favour a darker version of Fantasy and take a lot of inspiration from the gritty world of the Witcher and the more traditional high fantasy of Middle-Earth, without necessarily getting bogged down in the realism aspects. Evil does exist in my worlds, and while certain races and monsters are not inherently evil, they are a product of their environment and are sometimes irredeemable because of this. I do my best to respect people's triggers and phobias as well, and will actively avoid topics that make people uncomfortable. I hope to create an inclusive and friendly environment for all at my table.

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