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Hi there, I'm Chris, but I'm often better by my username, yousodumb. With more than 15 years of experience in playing TTRPGs, I have successfully led over five games to completion. My expertise spans from homebrew to modules, and everything in between. What sets me apart is my ability to balance narrative and mechanical play, seamlessly mixing detailed narration with mechanical challenges. I have extensive knowledge of Pathfinder First Edition and Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, as well as competence in various other systems, including Pathfinder Second Edition. Additionally, I'm passionate about out-of-game puzzles, such as cyphers and codes, which I love to incorporate into my games to challenge and engage players. **Note for direct messages and last minute signups**: my job is very strict about phone usage, and I might not see your message until about 30 minutes before one of my scheduled games.

GM style

As a Game Master, I pride myself on striking a delicate balance between the mechanical aspects of gaming and the creative storytelling elements that make TTRPGs so unique. While I lean slightly more towards the mechanical side, particularly when it comes to combat, I also place a great deal of importance on rich, evocative descriptions that can transport players to other worlds and make the game feel truly immersive. One of my greatest strengths as a Game Master is my ability to create memorable NPCs that feel like fully fleshed-out characters with their own distinct mannerisms, quirks, and personalities. Whether it's a gruff tavern keeper with a heart of gold or a sinister villain with a dark past, I strive to make every character the players encounter feel like a real person with their own motivations and desires. Ultimately, my goal as a Game Master is to create an experience that is both challenging and rewarding for my players, one that balances mechanical crunch with evocative storytelling and rich roleplaying opportunities. By finding that happy medium between these three essential elements of gameplay, I believe that I can help my players have a truly unforgettable gaming experience.


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