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About me

Salutations to one and all my wonderful friends! Welcome to my page! If you're wondering "Who's Yog-Sothoth" a quick google search will provide you the information that I am an eldritch entity, a god in the outerdark, the gate and the key, provider of knowledge and taker of everything. Lovecractian through and through! During work hours I do usual outer-entity things like plot the destruction of the universe, speak on my podcast, write, paint and perhaps, only perhaps, joke around with good friends. Sense of humour is paramount even for non-euclidean life forms like myself! Aside from all of that, I am also a versatile storyteller with different interests when it comes to the hobby, Master of many systems, capable of adjusting whatever, however, to tell a good tale on the table with good people. For me of utmost importance are you, the players, above all else. So come hither, slither closer to the fire. I've a story to tell you.

GM style

A storyteller first, a rule judge second, but a healthy mix of both. I vehemently believe the rule of cool makes the game just that, cool! We're here to craft tales together, forge them in the fire of our creativity. Let the corebooks be a vehicle of our method and our hearts the wheel that directs it! Everything is subjective to belief and emotional investment in an eldritch entity's realm! I value role-play above all things.

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