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About me

I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons for 6 years and have been a Game Master for 4 years. Rule of Cool rules, but the rules as intended are important too. My favorite kind of D&D games balance social and combat encounters with puzzles and exploration. I like to run games that have overarching plot threads that are organically woven in and out of character backstories. Also, if you just want to dungeon crawl and massacre a society of kobolds, that's cool too! 😅

GM style

Rule of Cool rules! I am a listener DM, I set the scene, present the problem, and then follow the players where they want to go to solve it. I think my strengths are well rounded and alive feeling NPCs and narrative descriptions. I lean heavy into improv to help develop the story at the table with my players, but during session prep I focus on then following through on those developments and weaving satisfying narrative arcs. I like crunchy combat heavy dungeons crawls, AND whimsical roleplay focused light hearted social encounters. I strive for finding each point on that spectrum and perfecting it! But ultimately, to me the DM position is a position of service, to the characters, to the players, and to the story that we're weaving together.


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