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About me

Hi there! My name is Xaq (like Zach) I'm an illustrator and graphic designer by day and when I get a chance to play (or usually DM) some D&D I know it's going to be a good day. I was a late-bloomer to TTRPGs, I didn't play my first role playing game until I was in community college but when I did I was IMMEDIATELY HOOKED. I've been playing games, running games, and even working in and around the gaming community for over a decade now and I love getting new people into the game! As a DM I want to help guide my table through a wild and fun adventure that we all develop together, it's not my story, it's OUR story. I'm not too crunchy with rules, I stick to them when we need to, but I reward creative, outside the bun thinking and ultimately if we're unsure, we let the dice decide. Happy gaming!

GM style

What you can expect: - A shared experience, it's not MY story it's OUR story, comrade! - A casual and creative space - High reward for creative problem solving - Challenging Combat - LOOT, LOOT, and MORE LOOT - Custom made game assets for you to keep and use in your own games - An open and accepting Safe Space for peoples with disabilities, neurodivergence, and the LGBTQA+ community


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