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About me

I'm a TTRPG system polyglot with a flair for the mortal and the macabre; I delight in facilitating tense action-horror scenarios in a variety of game systems, from Cypher to Zweihander and many things in between. I run most of my games in Foundry, using system modules that I contribute to with my years of experience as a web developer.

GM style

I strive to be an "old school"-style GM; rulings over rules, neutrality and fairness in rulings, and the presentation of a reactive, living environment to explore. I like to run low-crunch, fast-paced games that focus on testing your skills as a player just as much as your character's skills. I enjoy running games where roleplay is as much a solution as (or often, better than) combat and where My "brand" is action-horror fantasy; as such, we will make ample use of RPG safety tools such as the X-Card and lines and veils. The gaming table should be a safe place to explore dangerous scenarios, not a vehicle for real life trauma. I do not shy away from homebrew and system hacking, so long as it is a collaborative choice; the rules are the foundation of our social contract, and should be clearly laid out ahead of time. I'm happy to run you through any number of classic TTRPG modules or modern megadungeons.

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