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About me

I've been playing D&D as long as there has been a D&D. I'm not a grognard (old soldier who likes days gone by) about previous editions. What I am is an avid roleplayer and storyteller, and I've chosen D&D as my platform to tell those stories. I've played in and game mastered for many different systems (Paladium, GURPS, AFMBE, White Wolf to name a few) but right now, D&D 5E is my comfort zone. I look forward to telling some stories with you soon!

GM style

My job as a GM is to involve everyone, keep the story moving, and create a world you can immerse yourself in. I prefer players who can work with a group, because I see it as their job to tell the story with me. If I can sit back and listen to a group banter and discuss things, well... that's the biggest win a DM can have. It means I've created a comfortable place for your character to live and grow. Success! ROLEPLAY : HIGH I love the story, and everything about it. Expect RP to happen, even during combat. There's never a reason for combat to be stale, and I make room in the turn order for conversation and style. I love getting into the mind of an NPC, figuring out what makes them tick, and trying to make each one distinct. Of course, I can't do this for every one... I'm one mind with a cast of thousands. COMBAT : MID to HIGH Don't worry, we got you. We come together to be daring, to go on adventures, to explore; those thing often end in combat. I make room for tacticians on my grid, but those who aren't familiar with or interested in the battlefield have their place as well. Getting help from combat veterans is a real thing, so feel free to ask for help and/or assist your fellow players! PUZZLES/POLITICS : MID These things depend on the players, pretty much exclusively. If my players twitch at the thought of answering a riddle, there probably won't be one. Rather not deal with court shenanigans? That's what middle managers are for. Love the idea of either or both? Let's talk!

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