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I'm a professional Stand Up Comedian, Actor and Improvisor with over 2 decades of experience. Originally from New Zealand, now living in New York I've been playing TTG's since I was 8 years old (Anyone remember HeroQuest?) I am incredibly passionate about Dungeons and Dragons not just as a game but as a tool to help people tap in to and express their suppressed creativity. I have developed a unique and effective Game Master style using Roll20, DNDBeyond or Foundry and Discord that is designed to help anchor the players in the moment so they can devote their full imagination to their character and the characters of their fellow players. When you sit at my table we play VTT to entertain ourselves and the other folks in the session. I have crafted some fantastic play modules that are fantastic for first time players. There is nothing I enjoy more that bringing the TTRPG curious into the fold! Just be aware... every creature I RP as your GM will have some version of a New Zealand accent.

GM style

I'm a professional comedian, writer and improvisor from New Zealand now living in New York, and I love bringing that skill set to my table. And before you ask, yes, I was in lord of the rings... check out my pinned tweet ;) And yes, every creature I roleplay has a fresh Aotearoa New Zealand accent. I am a GM who likes their table to live in the moment. It might be gritty combat where the party is surrounded and some god tier rolling is needed or something as simple as a character tying their shoe, at my table we always find enjoyment in the chaos of the dice. My games are set in a fairly trope heavy fantasy realm using the content found in the DND 5e Dungeon Masters Guide, Players handbook and Monster Manual. I like to keep the action moving and always prioritize minute to minute character choices and their outcomes over a 30 minute long lore dump. I want to see what you and the table will do when faced with interesting encounters, and how you'll navigate their consequences over seeing how much deep rich DND lore you can memorize. My experience in entertainment and thorough professionalism make me a great and welcoming Game Master for anyone new to the world of DND, and I'd be honored to show you the ropes.


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