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About me

Hello! My name is Stephen! I’m a game designer, streamer, gamemaster, and table top game enthusiast. I've always loved roleplaying games and have been playing since I sat down with a bestfriend to start rolling dice back in 2000. 21 years past by quick! Since then I've run many campaigns, streamed them online, got married and became a father to two wonderful beautiful boys! I have 22 years experience running table top games, crafting stories of perilous adventure, and orchestrating teams of players to overcome improbable odds! Roleplaying games are great for building lasting friendships, social skills, team building, problem solving, and are genuinely a fun time! While I love playing games of 5e, I also have a fondness for many other games including (but certainly not limited to) indie games such as the Burning Wheel Gold, Old School Essentials, Dungeon World (and hacks/expansions), and MouseGuard just to name a few! I’m open and inclusive to all players who need a GM to play or want to learn to play with a group of friends for the first time, and hope to create a welcoming environment for all! If you're interested in following my gaming related socials you can @wolfwyzard_

GM style

I love games filled with drama and desperate circumstances! Games where consequences really matter and players throw their characters into the fire! I like character driven games filled with relationships, high stakes situations, and difficult choices. I also love games where we speak in character, and discover who our characters are. I love shared spaces where we create 'the story' together. These are my favorite games! I also love games of plain ol' vanilla DnD where we kick in the door, fight the monsters, loot the treasure and get back to town with an exciting story to tell! What kind of games do you like?


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