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Brian Disney

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About me

Greetings. I've been playing and running games since I was thirteen. I was thrown into the GMing deep end by a friends brother and loved it, every moment of it. The ups of a great victory against a hard boss, the downs of character deaths and tpks. The hilarity of throwing a boss the party was supposed to run away from, only to get beat over the head by Lady Luck and have my big bad get absolutely stomped. Its all great fun. I hope to expand out and gain even more experience and build awesome stories with friends. Who knows, maybe we will all even gain a great new story to share with others for years to come.

GM style

šŸ—£ļø Roleplay: I enjoy a good amount of roleplay at my tables, banter between players and NPCs. However I also expect for there to be respect during it, no one wants to be having a great moment, or be building up to saying something that will define their character...then suddenly get talked over or brushed off like it didn't matter. When I feel someone hasn't had their chance to talk yet I'll ask, "What's _Character_ doing right now?" And honestly I'm perfectly fine with the response being "Absolutely nothing" cause sometimes there isn't anything more that needs to be added to a scene. āš”ļø Combat: Combats are fun, a good challenge or an absolute steamroll all of it is a blast. My enemies will often act how they would, sometimes using tactics if they feel like someone who would. But not every thug will go to sneak around and stab the wizard, after all not every enemy is aiming to become a tactical general in an army somewhere, some enemies simply want to hit their target as hard as possible. šŸ§­ General Gameplay: Skill challenges, side quests, even small personal arcs. All of it are great to make and see happen, and I'm happy to work with you in making sure your characters have that arc you want. However I admit thanks to some mental issues I am far from the greatest writer. But I'll certainly put in everything I can to ensure the game shines. šŸ“– Storytelling: Now thanks to life I don't really homebrew my own worlds anymore. But I do my best to ensure that the modules I run are full of flavor with bits from your characters added in. Though I'll admit, I don't like getting a book for a backstory. Instead I'd prefer a quick synopsis and bulletpoints. After that I'm happy to talk about more indepth stuff, but I just find it easier to work in backgrounds when I don't have to hunt down those little things. Table Rules/Culture LGBTQIA+ Friendly and accepted Open and welcome to new players and experienced veterans alike. Safety - The games supposed to be a safe place, a place to escape into a great fantasy. So I will not accept bullying or any harassment. PVP is discouraged - Sometimes some light pvp between two consenting players could be enjoyable but more often its simply another form of bullying. Disruptive play is not allowed - If you don't want to play then why are you even there? Rules Lawyering - I'm fine with some light rules lawyering, a quick 'hey the rule is X'. But these games have to proceed at a nice steady pace so if I make a ruling that you don't like and we cant find a quick solution then I ask that you continue with my ruling and after the game we can discuss more.

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