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About me

I began my RPG journey in 1985. This was at the height of the Satanic Panic, and I was absolutely forbidden to play D&D, so I got started with Traveller. I didn't know anyone else who played (they were all playing D&D!), so I had to figure everything out on my own. My parents and siblings were my first players, in what must have been some truly awful sessions. Over the years, I kept picking niche games that required me to be the GM if I ever wanted to play it, so I naturally slipped into the role of perma-GM. I have been running convention games since 2013, from small local cons to DragonCon and Gencon. And as a member of the Monte Cook Games Asset Team and the Goodman Games Road Crew, I run lots of demo games at local game shops. I was also a fairly early adopter of online games; living for a while on a small Caribbean island meant it was the only way I was going to be able to play. I love introducing new people to the hobby, and introducing new games to long time players. I take the craft of GMing seriously, and am constantly working to hone my skills and improve myself. I take an extra point of pride in introducing people to games and seeing them eventually go on to run games themselves.

GM style

That depends on the game, right? I think playing so many different games and genres has really driven home the truth that there can't be a one-size cookie cutter style. My goal as a GM is to make the players look good. If that means the fast and dynamic combat of Feng Shui or Marvel Heroic, or the brooding atmosphere of Eclipse Phase or Call of Cthulhu, or the over-the-top melodrama of Pasión de las Pasiones, I want to do right by the players by doing right by the game. I try to tell the kinds of stories that make the PCs shine, whether that's the thrilling heroics of high fantasy or the gritty fatalism of cyberpunk. Regardless of genre, since I want the stories to be about the PCs, I favor a narrative heavy approach to story-telling, prompting the players for details instead of spoon-feeding details to them. I'm more interested in who a character is at the moment than a character's long backstory. I live by the rule of cool.

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