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I started playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (What many call 1st edition), 37 years ago at the tender age of 7. My older brother shoved 2-character sheets in my hand; a 1st level elven warrior named Gump (After the character in Legend), and a 1st level halfling rogue named Stump. I had no idea what I was doing. My life would never be the same. Two Sessions later, Gump was dead. We met a friendly fellow elf while exploring a ruin called Caldwell Castle. So Cool! He wanted to speak with Gump in private, and my brother role played this by having me walk with him into a different room in our house alone. Once away from the table, he explained how the elf turned back to face me, now looking exactly like me! He rolled an attack against me and gravely informed me I had been killed by a doppelganger. That friendly elf (Finally someone friendly in this dungeon!) was a murderous shapeshifter. I didn’t even know what a doppelganger was, but I’d be damned if I was going to let that scare me away from this amazing game. Stump lived on for quite awhile but met his fate at level 9. We were locked in a protracted war with the dark elves. While raiding one of their subterranean bases, we were ambushed by 3 drow mages who simultaneously cast 3 fireball spells at us in the surprise round. Most of the group survived with lucky saving throws and high hit points, but alas poor Stump was just a little rogue, not known for his toughness. That was the end of Stump. He went out in a blaze, but it was only the beginning for me and D&D. I absolutely love this game we call Dungeons and Dragons. It has been a guide stone and constant in my entire life, and I enjoy introducing others to it. I’m patient and encouraging with beginners, and I know how to engage pro players to create really memorable moments at the table. I like to play gritty games where the players feel like mortals in dire straits, yet have those moments to shine heroically. I love to build worlds that are dark and mysterious, yet punctuated by humor, hope and even tasteful silliness at times. I do deep world building and use lots of NPCs. I also love combat, and especially love introducing role playing, terrain, and other elements into combat to make it more interesting.

GM style

I love quick, brutal combat where tactics, choices, and rules matter. I know the rules very well, and believe knowing when to throw them aside to honor a cool idea/moment is part of the art. I absolutely love describing combat in a cinematic and gory way. My worlds are deep and choices matter. I do voices and love to roleplay important characters but reign things in if the story is dragging. I like to read the room and adjust my style to the type of players at the table. I like to help new players find their stride.

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