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About me

I'm a DM with over 15 years of tabletop experience! I've been working as a professional DM for about a year now, and I'm eager to expand my list of games - and players! I'm available for hire for private groups at a rate of 25 dollars an hour, or you can join one of my games for much less! Hit me up for any additional information!

GM style

I'm the kind of DM that builds an experience around what the party wants rather than how I personally think the game should be ran. Of course there is always trial and error with new groups, but we'll get there! Personally, I like tactical combat with heavy role-play. Traps and environmental effects that trigger during the fight, enemies with weaknesses and strategies, foes that can be reasoned with or even turned - more than just "Here's a creature from the MM, fight". I enjoy interlocking character stories and rich, fluid worlds where the players can actually influence events in real-time - and where they don't have to wait until they're level 20 to start having an impact!

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