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About me

"You walk into a tavern, and begin your journey into a world of imagination and adventure." Greetings and salutations, and welcome. My name is William, a 25 year old with years of experience in the hobby with various systems. I am from Metro Detroit, so feel free to hit me up for a game if your a local too! From humble beginnings, playing in a janitors closet, to today, running epic campaigns for friends, and publishing pocket RPGs on, I have fallen in love with this hobby and everyone involved in it! I have over a decade of Game Mastering experience, and have learned through practice and experimentation on what makes a great game. That being said, even great GMs are willing to learn, and I hope I can learn something from playing with you!

GM style

I love the flare if roleplaying games. From describing vast terrors to killing blows, I think that's the best feature that I have as a DM. Keeping the energy afloat, the excitement of the session, starts with good description. I run challenging combats, but doable to make you feel like hard fought battles are won, and that your heroes are celebrated. I am a cinematic DM. I love getting into the action and make you feel like your character is part of a movie. I bring rules expertise to my table for any game you want to play! The perks of knowing so many systems is picking and choosing what works to make mechanics that feel fun and refreshing even for the most experienced players. I bring an ever learning mind. I might be good, but I can always improve. My door is always open for learning more. Lastly I am flexible. I love all pillars of play, all styles of action. I want to tailor my game for YOU. A versatile DM knows his strengths, but also knows that the goal is the table having the most fun!

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