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Autumn F. | ~WildAutumnFox~
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About me

My adventure began as a tiny fey wandering the woods in my childhood. Sticks became swords, creeks became roaring rivers. We would get lost for hours and days and come back to finish the stories that had us captivated. This translated to my love of fantasy novels, science fiction, reading in general. A high school teacher finally showed me the joys of D&D 3.5 and from then I was hooked. Since then I've added many more rulesets to my repertoire, I've gone and LARPed the characters deep in my heart, and I have brought storytelling into every facet of my life that I can and I love sharing collaborative stories with like-minded people. And I still get lost in the woods for hours, literally or in the theater of the mind. Come join me!

GM style

• Character-driven stories in shared collaborative worlds. • Strong attempts at accents, voices, and imaginative NPCs. • Choice-driven narratives. Branching storylines! • Wide range of mood and genre. Laughs and tears are equally possible. I can run heroic fantasy, gritty survival sci-fi, or deep eldritch horror. • Player safety and comfort comes first. I make sure everyone at my table gets fair spotlight time. Open communication and integrated, anonymous safety tools help me drive a game that welcomes all types. All you need is a dedication to the story and to your fellow players at the table, no experience necessary. • Games focus on roleplay and feelings first. Action/combat second. If combat or dangerous scenarios emerge, they will always be steeped in my brand of Choice, Consequence, and Flavor. No "I attack with my sword" until they die. Feel free to run, negotiate, dance with the enemy, whatever. All choices matter! • Rule of Cool is HUGE at my table. If you want to bend/re-flavor any rule or ability, it will be allowed based on how much fun it adds to everyone at the table (including myself and you, of course). We are here to have fun and you should have more agency over your story than traditional D&D 5e tables allow! • If playing a more traditional game, I bring a library of purchased and homemade content on Roll20 for D&D 5e fantasy settings.

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