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About me

I like to provide a fun and rewarding experience that is fair for everyone. I consider myself very story driven and value great roleplaying amongst my players. As a Venture Officer for Pathfinder Society, I am very helpful to new players and enjoy teaching the system. I'm learning Spanish and hope to be able to run a multi-lingual table some day soon.

GM style

I am a very lore focused GM. I put a lot of thought into the world building elements of my game and I enjoy incorporating the backstories of my PC's into the plot. I prefer running games in my own homebrew world, Mondeux, but also enjoy delving into established settings like Golarion and Forgotten Realms. If I am following an Adventure Path I prefer to use it as a reference for monsters and treasure than a strict path for the story. It is more fun when my players take the plot in an unexpected direction and I have to write something on the spot that changes the story in a new exciting way. TLDR: The Note-taker turned GM


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