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About me

Do you have a type of game you would LOVE to play in but no one has been able to run it? Are you tired of inconsistent games and perhaps lackluster and played out narratives? Have you been wanting to play a module or published adventure but are you afraid it might be stiff and boring? Well then you've come to the right place! Hi! I'm Whitney and I have been dming for over 7 years now! I absolutely love being a game master and it's brought me so much joy and lifelong friendships.I even met my wife through running D&D! I am a lover of storytelling and I work to make sure all my players are invested in what is happening. The brunt of my experience is in homebrew games, even before professional dming I always made sure to run games that my players would love playing in. To create worlds that my players would love to explore. I love the personalization that homebrew can bring, the way I feel fully free to explore my players backstories and expand on them. When I run a module or published adventure I want to avoid it feeling like a railroad or as though i'm trying to hit story beats. The flow of the story needs to feel natural and I have become an expert at furthering the narrative while still allowing player decisions to matter as much as ever. Do you have a vague idea of a game you'd like to play in? I'd love to flesh it out with you Do you want to try out a new system? I am more than willing to oblige! I will create a custom experience for you and your group. Message me with any questions! Can't wait to run a game for you!

GM style

Roleplay focused! Lots of character voices and accents (not necessarily good accents lol) and dynamic storytelling. I will never put a challenge in front of a player that is impossible for them to beat. I love mysteries and if you put something in your players backstory you should know it will definitely be incorporated in the story! I like to tell players to make the choices that seem fun to them! If the group has no healer I will never pressure anyone to take on that role, rather I will make healing potions more available or give them the opportunity to meet allies that could serve that roll! Fun first! Always!


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