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About me

Hello. I'm Aion and you should consider my games if you like: šŸ§™ Campaigns that build and characters that grow šŸ§­ Adventures taken from the official 5e adventure books šŸ”ļø Simple, no frills and no cost tabletop-like set-up šŸ§ World- and character-building over tactical combat and you're looking for a GM who has: šŸ—ļø Years of experience GMing in real-life and online šŸ”­ A patient and accommodating approach to the game šŸ™‹ Experience in helping beginners get started šŸ¦ø A personal connection to the good D&D can do šŸ¤žI hope you'll join one of my games and we can tell a heroic story together! Join now or read on for more details... I like to create a believable world, full of detail, and fill every session with memorable moments that move characters and story forward. I don't take it too seriously - I know this is a fun, lighthearted way to spend a couple of hours with friends. I usually run campaigns from the 5e adventure books. I stick closely to their world, characters and themes because I think there are some great moments and arcs in those tried-and-tested settings and campaigns. All the ones I offer, I've played several times and know well. I use a bare-bones set-up - discord, owlbear and dndbeyond - because I find it better to leave space for imagination and improvisation. I like a high-visual, soundtracked, animated, video-game experience as much as the next person but that's not what I offering here. If you love losing yourself in character and story, though, I'm the right GM for you. All the tools I use are usable for no cost - some of them do require you to have accounts. I'm patient, understanding, and accommodating of different play styles and preferences. I personally lean away from meta-gaming and min-maxing and towards roleplay and world-building. But, I know that different people like different things and I don't hold my opinions too strongly. I enjoy being a player too - and I think doing both gives me a really good perspective on both sides. I'm currently in two long-standing games - playing a stickler-for-the-rules halfling monk and a taciturn human barbarian. I've been GMing online for several years, but am a relative newcomer in the startplaying community. I've helped lots of people get started in D&D. I regularly host one-session one-shots that give you a taster of D&D and learn all the basics you'll need to join a longer campaign. On a personal note, I've found playing and running D&D has had amazing benefits for me. It's been a distraction from other things in my life, a way to keep a social life alive, a welcome escape into another character and another world. One more thing: if you're at a place in life where you can't afford to pay for sessions or you can't commit to a campaign because of cost, it's ok. I've been there. Just let me know and I'll gladly make your session free or arrange for you to skip payment for a few sessions to get back on track. No questions asked. Thanks for reading this far. I hope you'll join one of my games! By all means message me if you have any questions.

GM style

I want every session to be a compelling chapter in a longer story - characters should move forward, plot points should be revealed, new places discovered, new characters met. A campaign should feel like a bingeworthy box-set. I encourage, gently, roleplay between players and can help you practice and develop a few roleplaying skills. I see combat as an exciting, dangerous way for us to discover our characters - how do they act when their lives are on the line? If there was a scale from tactical, stat- and rule-heavy battlegame to player driven narrative story-telling game. I'm definitely towards the story-telling end.


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