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About me

👑 I'm adjusted. 🤙 I've been playing make-believe since I was three years old and had that epiphany that "wow, I exist?" From pretending to be Imperial soldiers with my brother, to figuratively salivating over the third edition Dungeons and Dragons rulebooks in Barnes & Noble, to purchasing my first Player's Guide in fourth edition (wait, I need TWO MORE BOOKS), to discovering dice-goblinhood and all that it entailed (I wanna EAT them) -- This is my hobby. While my particular flavor of chaotic spicy can distract me with crafts and video games and new books and collecting stickers, it's tabletop RPGs that I always come back to in the end. I hope we get a chance to game together! 💖

GM style

👋 I'm a GM who loves the stories players come up with! While the rules can do a lot to enable these, sometimes you've got to bend them (or even break them) to support the Rule of Fun™. 📏 The being said, I can appreciate a player who comes up with the most min-maxed character, if they're able to roleplay them well! Give me your c-c-c-combo breakers 👊, and I'll find ways for you to use them. 💕 First and foremost, however, is the fact that if you're not having fun, I'm not having fun. I want my players to always feel safe, loved, and wanted while at my table. 🎀 GMing means I have a responsibility to take care of your safety! 👷‍♀️ Let's play!


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