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Edwin Huertas Jr. (When Can We Play?)
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Edwin Huertas Jr. (When Can We Play?)he/him

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About me

Do you want to try a new RPG system? Do you want someone to TEACH you the rules? Do you want roleplay and explored character stories? You have absolutely come to the right place. I've been playing RPGs for over a decade. I believe these games have a magic escapism that no movie, game or book can provide. I have a background in Theater and I always strive to bring my performing experience to the games I run. As a GM I offer you: -Plot where Player Characters matter: I make sure my player characters feel like their character's personal story gets attention. -FUN over RULES: I care about rules, but I care so much more about telling a cool story and having a fun game. -Acceptance of ALL POC/genders/sexualities: My games are open to all genders, sexualities and people of color and have a zero-tolerance policy for bigotry.

GM style

I cater more to roleplayers and storytellers, and prioritize narrative over mechanics. I care about rule accuracy, but care more about the player's overall EXPERIENCE. I am a trained actor with a degree in Theater who's spent years performing on-screen and on-stage. I search for cool story beats and moments that may resonate with the players. I try to keep the world breathing and alive around them. However I also have FUN with my characters, and do also engage in shameless silliness, weird personalities and voices. I encourage you to do so as well! I'm all about making sure players get to have their fun, dramatic or "badass" moments, by their standards!


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