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About me

Hello, I am Whatty Yaduu! My friends call me Joe for short. First and foremost I am interested in sharing fun and engaging stories together. That being said, the comfort and respect of my players is integral to this. I am LGBTQ+ and POC friendly and intend for my games to be safe spaces. If you so choose, I can take you to the cloudborne Marble Palace held lofting above the quiet lands beneath, or deep down the depths of the caldera of Mount Gassthuul where the Maddened Lava Loafs reside! What of blasphemous dark sorceries of ancients long since passed you ask? Trivial mutterings compared to the great magics to be unearthed in our stories to unfold! Might there be a darkened blade of terrific shadow and blood to be discovered in a forgotten temple to the Unblinking Goddess? It is yours if you so seek such treasures. Come with me and you will find what you seek. But be warry traveler, for it comes at a price. . .25 bucks a session. I am only now starting out on this sight and am hopeful to tell some incredible stories with you.

GM style

My style prioritizes telling a fun and meaningful story we create together while trying to stick close to the rules as written (RAW). Rules establish meaningful boundaries and stakes, but are not everything. When it comes down to it, I think the rules are only meant to be one of many tools that can be used to make the story fulfilling. I am very beginner friendly and love introducing new people to the hobby! Trying to be aware of where things might be confusing or unfriendly to newbies is a priority of mine. So if it's your first or hundredth game, feel free to hop in and roll some dice with me! I am roughly 60-70% roleplay, and 40-30% combat with some campaign sessions not having a single fight. I tend to not like to do combat for combat sake, but I will give opportunities for it should the party be feeling a little blood thirsty. "Shank-nasty" if you will. I love working with my players to develop characters that will have satisfying stories centered around them and the choices they make. The world they inhabit is wet concrete to their whims. Tread with bliss or trepidation knowing your foot steps will leave an impact. I am all about the "rule of cool" as well as "yes/and." Everything I do in GMing games is all about meeting the player at their level. Come at me with enthusiasm or an idea and I will try, without stepping on the other players' fun, to incorporate what you have in mind. For tone, I tend towards humorous or whimsical that avoids getting in the way of more meaningful moments. For the most part, I want my games to feel like a treacherous journey made with friends by your side. The kind that will leave you and your characters with touching stories and daring tales to tell over a campfire; mead, ale, and love abound. And with love, I do not accept real life bigotry at my table what so ever. If you don't know all the isms and phobias to avoid, just try approaching every human being with respect for their lived experiences. We're all star dust y'all. it's time we started acting like it! And with all that, I hope you see fit to take me on as your GM! And remember. . . ADVENTURE AWAITS! HUZZAH!

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