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About me

Hello there, my moniker is Welshy (He/him/they) and it looks like you're trying to find a game. Well you're in luck, I'm stocked to the GILLS with game ideas and am available most evenings! While I am primarily a 5e DM, I have run a myriad of other systems, from White Wolf to OSR games. I have even tried my hands at designing a small d6 pool system for a Star Trek email game. My major sources of inspiration are the authors C. S. Forester, David Eddings, Robert Heinlein, and H.P. Lovecraft (to a point...); the games Baldur's Gate (1&2, haven't played 3 yet), Chrono Trigger, and XCOM (Modern 1 & 2); and by any and all bad fantasy movies that have appeared on MST3k, classic slasher films and The Princess Bride. I specialize in both heroic and found-family style gameplay and like mixing up the adventures between city, dungeon and wilderness locales. Many of my games have elements of creeping horror, duplicitous religions, fantastic locations, fiendish cults, heroic sacrifices, and cold wars between Dwarven and Halfling brewing companies. I am most proficient in roll20, and often use Zoom as well. Oh and bad accents, gotta have those! As for me as a person, I have been playing since I was 13 years old and DMing about as long (27 years, please don't do the math). I have 3 rambunctious kids, am more of a Dog person than a Cat person (though cats ARE cute), apparently really like lists, and was in the top .5% of Weird Al Yankovic listeners on the last Spotify Round-up. And hey, while you're at it, why don't you take a look at my Obsidian Portal wiki for my Homebrew World: . I'm always trying to update it with new stuff, so check it out!

GM style

I enjoy a variety of scenarios, from dungeon crawling by torch light to favor diving at the Baronette's salon. I enjoy taking common ideas and twisting them, fulfilling expectations in horribly surprising ways and inserting a bit of pop culture into my worlds. When it comes to 5e, I normally run my Homebrew, The World Tree. For the WOD games, I like sliding monsters into Midwest cities and watching them catch fire from the banality of it all. I do a variety of voices, some of them even good!

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