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About me

Hello all! My name is Cade I fell in love with this wonderful game about 6 years ago. I love the Character interaction, story and the high intensity that players can bring with their shenanigan's. I have 6 years of DMing experience and currently am running a game that has been going for almost 2 years. This has all been exclusively 5e Dungeons and Dragons. I enjoy long campaigns, however I also do enjoy fast paced shorter campaigns as well. I will be doing a mixture of the two depending on the style my players are looking for. I decided to start looking into being a more professional dm For one reason. I love this game. So much that I write for hours different Histories and characters to make the world I have created feel real and alive. I am excited to learn and get better with your help. this is a game after all that requires the dm and players to work together to facilitate an exciting adventure. What makes me different is that I feel i am really great at the Improv and world creation aspect of this game. I use both to give the players a sense of danger, excitement, joy and surprise. One of the best feelings as a dm is when my players surprise me. if this happens as much as I surprise you I'm sure we will create something special. Join my game and I will work with you to give you the best experience I can. All are welcome

GM style

I love a mix of RP and combat. As well as bringing intensity and immersion to the game though descriptions of the different senses. I do this through use of voices and imagery to help you feel like you are a part of the world, not just a player being pulled around by a dm. I think it is important to feel a sense of danger in this wonderful game. so I do run deadly campaigns. however, I enjoy making my players feel like heroes. I do this by homebrewing items and abilities to help you get your character to exactly what you see them as. As long as it makes sense for who your character is. I'm more interested in story. not power gaming. That being said Power is fun as long as it fits your character and the story we are putting together. I also enjoy the aspects of world building. so you will get something fresh and unique. i am not apposed to running adventures as i do own every book. DnD is my Hyperfocus

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