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About me

If you are reading this, then it is already too late. The Black Tide (late-stage capitalism) has taken me, and soon I shall be placed amongst the darkened bazaar of other storytellers. As our exposed dripping flesh trembles under the lidless gaze of the pale moon, and you pass your eye over this profile- coin in hand- on your way to others, think kindly of us all. And for god's sake don't start rolling initiative until I've figured out how to bring up the turn tracker. I've run a couple different games for a couple different genres over the years. My favorites, and the ones I have the most experience with, are the World of Darkness and Exalted lines. I also have experience with DnD 5E and Chronicles of Darkness, although I'm always looking to branch out into new systems. My favorite part of any game, no matter the genre, is taking your mind off of whatever's bothering you for a couple of hours with what I do. I am a firm believer in the veils and lines system. Any game will begin with a session zero where we discuss character concepts, story aspirations, and what sorts of things will go into a comfortable gaming experience for everyone at the table.

GM style

I try to make my games a balance between roleplaying and combat. Conflict of any sort is a core pillar of any interesting story, and we want our characters to live in interesting times. That being said, if you would rather play a diplomat over a front line fighter I often allow for non-violent solutions to combat encounters and rarely "force a fight". While I try to keep players on a central storyline, I am fond of including side-stories throughout locations for players to optionally pursue. Usually these are created based around a specific character's backstory or history. I believe in building locations and peoples for players to influence, rather than having the setting/lore take center stage over everything else.

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