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About me

"Tentacles, psychic powers, beings from beyond the stars - one person's bad dream is another person's good time." - Tasha Hello my friends! My name is GM VVulfmann and I have a passion for building interesting worlds with interesting characters! If you're looking to play a game that's focused on immersion, sights and sounds, and roleplay, but also doesn't skimp on combat, you've come to the right place. For the past few years, I've been diving headlong into game mastering - first with groups of friends - and now professionally online. It has become an all-consuming passion of mine! I've always loved good stories, whether it be through movies, books, games, or other media, but there's nothing quite like creating and experiencing a shared hallucination (ahem, story) with a live group. So far, I have played and GMed games with D&D 5e, Alien RPG, Forbidden Lands, and Symbaroum.

GM style

A successful adventure to me is one where the players and the GM have a great time telling a memorable story together! I love roleplaying dramatic choices, dire situations, and moments of reflection. All of that comes together to make a story that everyone playing the game will remember. My goal is for players to feel immersed in the game world enough that they can forget their "real" lives for a little while and escape into the magic of a completely different world - for a few hours, they can become someone else in a completely different story. My games tend to have a balanced mix of combat, exploration, and social interactions, all of which can be used to make the story interesting. I have used a variety of virtual tabletops (VTTs) to DM games, but in the past year I have fallen in love with Alchemy (, a virtual tabletop that focuses on storytelling and immersion. It is quite a bit different than the rest of the options on the market such as Foundry or Roll20, and it meshes perfectly with the style of game I like to run: immersion first.


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