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About me

5'6", runs a game that really sticks You can call me Vocalee, Mason, or Mas! But I'd also love for you to call me your DM. Read what some of my players think of me! "Vocalee does a really great job, one of the best DMs I’ve come across. He’s a great storyteller, responsive to player feedback, and has contagious energy and enthusiasm for every part of the game." "...he can intricately weave a storyline together through hard work and pure imagination. He has really gained my respect and... ...I can't help but use him as the perfect example of the kind of GM I want to be." "... I can't wait for the next session. High point of my week" I'm a voice actor and writer, previously worked in animation as a background artist. Nowadays I play D&D professionally on the internet and in person, both with friends strangers, which has been the best career choice I've ever made. I've spent my whole life playing videogames and RPGs, before starting D&D 5e back in 2015. Since then, it's become all I can think about.

GM style

What to Expect: - Expert level rules knowledge 📕📘 - Realistic, responsive NPC's 🐉👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 - Exciting, fluid, rapid-pace combat ⚔🕙 - Fails are fun. Roll high or low, we'll have a good time.🎲🎯 - Intrigue and mysteries around every corner🔍✨ - A friendly teacher and guide to the rules👨‍🏫🥇 - Lover of character interaction and backstory integration 🎭🎨 - Tough but fair where it counts 💪💦 - My favorite 4 words a player can say are "I have an idea" 👁‍🗨👏 - Adaptable. I'll match your pace and curate challenges uniquely to you.👨‍🌾 🤹‍♂️

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