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About me

"Travel the world! Have lots of money! Get plenty of rest!" These and more are possible over the course of a TTRPG campaign! If you're new to the hobby, or want someone who'll read your 15 page backstory, you've found a potential GM! Let's talk, roll some virtual dice, and see how the story unfolds!

GM style

I'm a GM who enjoys the emergent narrative that comes about from a good TTRPG session. Even though I lay out the scenario and render the world for the players; what the players bring to the table is just as much a part of the story as what I prepare. I enjoy tactical combat, where characters really bring their strategic and tactical minds to bear to battle to a victory condition; which isn't always with all the NPCs being dropped to 0 hitpoints. And I firmly believe that roleplay does NOT stop when Initiative is rolled. I love doing voices, and I hope my players do as well, but it is not a requirement. Though for virtual games, it does greatly help with knowing what is being said by a character versus what is being said as a player/DM.

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