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About me

I'm a lifelong gamer, and passionate about spreading the love of table top gaming to anyone who'll let me. I've been running (and streaming) my recent D&D games, but I have experience with Pathfinder, Fate, Powered By The Apocalypse, Fantasy Flight Star Wars and Legend Of The Five Rings. I work extremely well with newer players, and my campaigns have a lot of world to explore. I am always open and willing to discuss the rules and any setting questions as they come up, and am willing to hear out the desires of players for what they want to see.

GM style

I'm by far more suited to beginner tables and am very newbie friendly. Roleplaying Games have been a passion of mine for a very long time, and I just want to help get more people into the hobby and really let them explore whatever it is they seek. My games tend to have a more sandbox "Oooh, what's behind this door" feel as opposed to strict direction and end goals. The real end bosses are the friends we made along the way.


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