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About me

I've been running tabletop games for over 15 years, starting with D&D 3.0! I'm a trans lady, mother of two teenagers, and part time poet and writer. I live and breathe tabletop games, and I'll try any system at least once!

GM style

I center my games on the story and the narrative, letting characters shine like the stars they are! I write hooks, not railroads, letting my players and their interests guide the story we tell. I prefer creating big sandboxes, filling them with toys, and letting my players shape the world into what they wish. My personal storytelling style tends towards being pulpy and dynamic, with action and danger around every turn. I try my best to give every character, player or otherwise, motivations, complications and struggles. I feel like the best moments in a story come from the tension and drama between what a character wants and a what the character needs.

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