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About me

I've been playing and running games since about 2014. I've grown from meeting many people, though as confident as I am in my abilities I always feel I can and should improve and by no means am I perfect. I work to understand where my players are coming from with their characters and backstory, and I try to communicate with them about their enjoyment of the story and it's progression. I love running games of fantasy, letting players suffer but also overcome trials and tribulations whether those come from great villains or their own consequences. Letting players make decisions that affect them in the long run, for better or worse, brings a grand joy within me when players enjoy the outcome as much as I do. I've ran games on Roll20, Foundry VTT, Discord, but I'm starting to run games here on StartPlaying so I hope you'll be willing to give me a chance!

GM style

I like to run campaigns that are a focus on story and roleplay, but with plenty of encounters (combat or otherwise) to keep stakes in mind. You can expect Dungeons, Mysteries, Intrigue, and more in my games if those are what you want. I make my own maps to give a better immersion as you explore the world, curate and adjust modules to fit the characters you make, and do my best to make the choices you make via character creation and roleplay matter. I like to expand what already exists, as well as make my own additions where appropriate. I like adding in major player backstory elements into the world and story, such as a player's patron or lost love, to invest players more into the story around them. I stick to the spirit of the rules, rather than the letter. Allowing players to do what they intend feels much better than policing every action to make sure some text is happy.

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