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Hi! I go by Vahn Pyrelight, and I publish TTRPG content for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. I have been a Dungeon Master for 11 years, and just now thought "Hey wait a minute, can I get paid to do this?" so here I am! LGBTQIA+ friendly, my gender is best described as fifty NPCs in a trench coat. I love telling stories which explore the struggles of heroes in the face of overwhelming systemic evil, because as the internet once said "The millennial power fantasy is being able to help everyone." While I throw everything in my power at the heroes to challenge you, know that I am rooting for you to win! Expect to have a bad time, but know like all things that too will pass, and you will rise to heroic heights! I look forward to smiting evil alongside all of you! :) -PS, I am also a little loot goblin, shiny things excite me, I hope you like them too because I make a lot of them and enjoy handing them out to players.

GM style

Things to look forward to in a Vahn game: - Funny voices! Serious voices! Voices which force me to chug cough drops but I do anyway! - Shiny things! - Base building! Leave your mark on the world! - Suffering! (But the good kind which creates *Drama*) - Villains who will kill you (but in the flirty way, if you're into that) - Villains who will kill you (but in the normal way) - Backstories that matter! I do my best to tie your character into the world around you at all opportunities. - Fistfight gods for their lunch money! How dare they allow all this! - S A F E T Y (dance!) tools! Everyone's here to have a good time while their characters have a bad time. - Learning! I've been inducting new players into the hobby for over 10 years, and am more than ready to help you too! - Homebrew! You wanna do something that isn't in a book? I can make it in a book. I have that power. - Full automation via Fantasy Grounds Unity! Make your attack rolls with one click of a button, no pesky math involved! - High quality maps and tokens! - Art! I have a great relationship with several character artists though my publishing, and can connect you with an artist which fits your vision to get a character portrait commissioned. Book today, you won't regret it! Your character certainly will though. Plus, booking a game with me gets you access to the full catalogue of my published works on DMsGuild! Absolutely free! You may even get a sneak peek at or get to playtest some of my new material! Check out my latest release here!


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