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About me

Roll Initiative! Hello, my name is Aaron aka MentaLyUnsound and I run my little D&D corner of the world known as Unsound Designs, a LGBTQ+ friendly and inviting server. I've been playing TTRPG's for over 15 years now. I started with the World of Darkness Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem games and moved into 5E back in 2014. I mostly played with friends around the classic table until just over a year ago when I moved to online gaming. I've now been running paid games for over a year. I'm told I have a talent for weaving complex tales and intricate stories. I love working with players to develop their backstories so you feel truly immersed in the world and part of that story as well. I believe players should understand the world they are in as much as their characters. So I help make sure you are immersed into the world as much as you'd like to be. I'm a big tech guy and do amateur graphic design on the side. So my games come packing all the bells and whistles you'd want in a Foundry game. Animations, sounds, fancy cool maps, lighting, automation and a lot...a lot... of 3rd party content to keep you busy and entertained. Last, my strongest skill set I bring to the table as a DM is my career field. I'm a Store Manager in the mundane material plane, managing over 30 employees on average. I bring to the table organizations, professionalism, strong interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and the ability to listen and care about my table. I'm also quick to sort out "Those guys" and keep my table fun for all. ======================= Feel free to join my discord community to learn more about my games:

GM style

I believe in a balanced style of play that brings in all pillars, though I'd say combat is my specialty. As a lover of RTS games and a generally huge gamer, I believe I bring engaging combat that thrills and excites. I love to keep my players on their toes and provide a challenge that truly makes them feel like the badasses they should be. I believe battles should be hard won and harder lost. By that, I mean they should be a challenge to win but you have to go out of your way to truly TPK the party. I may love Dark Souls style bosses, but I'm not here to try and kill you 10 times over. My greatest victory as a DM is when a combat is nail biting enough that when I exclaim, "Describe your glory!" as the player puts in the final killing blow, I want the whole table cheering in excitement for a fight they weren't sure they'd win. I'm also an avid roleplay, coming from the World of Darkness TTRPG, I love great dialogue and natural flow social interactions. I like my NPC's to feel natural and part of the world. Mixing live action dialogue and quick 3rd person recaps to maintain a flow that provides an engaging story and setting. I believe in rewarding players for good Roleplay. But I understand not everyone is a social butterfly, having no problems with 1st or 3rd person style dialogue, letting either dice or gift of the gab guide you through social mine fields. I believe a story is important but I don't do railroads. I do strongly favor linear play, rather than fully open sandboxes. This doesn't mean I'm one for stopping randomness. But I do believe keeping to the theme and social contract of the story the group wants to tell. While you may want to really open an inn and play tavern simulator or run off and become a king in a side adventure, the rest of the table sat down to play a shared story around an agreed upon setting/theme. But beyond that, I'm all for crazy solutions, insane plans, surprise decisions and all those great things that make D&D amazing.

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