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About me

Mike is the creator and the driving force behind the tabletop multimedia production company, unMadeGaming. He is a podcaster, live streamer, game designer, and his content can be seen on YouTube, Twitch, and your favorite podcast platform. He started unMadeGaming in August of 2015 with a group of friends, a bunch of spare couches, a basement, and a dream. He is the YouTube manager for Kobold Press, as well as the producer for all of the content on the unMadeGaming network. Mike eats, sleeps, and breathes TTRPGs, speaking on panels about freelancing and live streaming at every convention he is able to. Mike just entered the writing game, publishing his homebrew setting of Glenbrook for Tales from the Loop, and he is working on several more written productions for the setting, as well as a new TTRPG using the Year Zero System. *** unMadeGaming is a veteran-owned and operated tabletop roleplaying network focused on story-telling, improvisation, and humor. We are a “beer ‘n’ pretzels” tabletop entertainment experience themed for adults, and as such, some of the topics we hit on (and some of the flavors of jokes) tend to be more towards an adult nature (or at least not for kids).

GM style

Mike is a storyteller at heart, but his focus is on heavy narrative and cinematic scenes. He thinks being able to picture what the GM describes is great, but to picture exactly like the GM envisions it, and having it play out like a movie is even better. Having cut his teeth on D&D back in high school, he spent years playing the game and absorbing himself in the hobby, but one fateful deployment to Afghanistan later, and his mind was blown when we witnessed a completely different style of roleplaying than he was used it. Now that he's had his fill of D&D, he's moved on to more indie games, primarily anything by Free League Publishing, Monte Cook Games, and Son of Oak, but he has played hundreds of hours of tabletop games and dozens upon dozens of systems. Mike's GMing style leans heavily into nuanced characters, hours of roleplay, and compelling storytelling. He believes that combat should only serve the narrative, and dice should only come into play if there is something at stake. He is a huge fan of games with darker tones akin to shows like Stranger Things.


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