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Ivan Sadžakov

3 years on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Voices, Inclusive

About me

Name: Ivan Sadzakov Age: 31 Origin: Serbo-Croatian Residence: near Düsseldorf, Germany Experience: My own PC since I was 6. MMORPG-based roleplaying since 2005. TTRPGs since 2013. Favorite TTRPGs: Mothership and Shadowrun 5E. RPG style: Gritty realism. I generally do not play or run hero stories with happy ends, but morally ambiguous, challenging and emotionally involved characters and games. Animal companions: Four cats. 🔶🔸🔶🔸🔶 Hey! I'm Ivan, a non-binary community manager on the spectrum. I have a passion for gritty stories set in realistic and coherent fantasy or hard sci-fi. I have already been bored with heroes since when I was 4 years old. Scar and the hyenas were a lot more appealing than any of the other Lion King cast. Tragedy and real people just scraping by over time became a lot more compelling to me than black and white good versus bad. By now I use TTRPGs as a medium to look behind the curtain, explore human abysses and take players on an emotional rollercoaster (which mostly goes downhill, because that's more fun!). The experiences I offer as a GM are carefully crafted cinematic stories with branching options, sacrificing the freedom of a sandbox to craft finely honed stories. I want to provide a highly memorable game that is both dark and gripping and still remains a safe space for all players at all times. Exploring the darkness together - to me the coolest of bonding experiences!

GM style

I've been a hardcore roleplayer for over 15 years, starting out in text-based RP. At the same time I'm also a strategy video game veteran and love tactical combat. More than anything however I'm a sucker for grit and realism, oozing atmosphere and a great story. While exploring the darkest of corners of what could be today's or tomorrow's society, nothing is more important than everybody's well-being and comfort. I try to establish a homely environment to experience the discomforting - like watching a horror movie while draped in a blanket on a couch surrounded by people you love! Players of all backgrounds, identities, preferences and origins are welcome in my games and I will make sure to make everybody feel safe and validated. ------------ If you can't find your game system of choice in my list but would like me to run a game or campaign for you or your group - just ask! I am learning new systems ALL the time and am very quick to learn and adapt.


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