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About me

Hey everyone! I have been GMing for about 15 years now. I have run D&D (4e and 5e), Savage Worlds, Kids on Brooms, and Star Wars FFG. I have over 10 years of in depth experience with VTTs. My focus is to have a fun, exciting, and welcoming experience for everyone at the table. I emphasize player agency with their characters and the story as well as creating an inclusive, tolerant table that encourages each other. I am currently enrolled in school as a Finance/Accounting major so we will have any math covered. Seriously though, my experiences and life have taken me all over the world and that allows me to distil unique perspectives into an exciting and engaging game. I have run games for newbies and veterans of all ages. Hope to hear from you soon.

GM style

I am a flexible GM with an emphasis on story and roleplay. I am able to personalize experiences and love to incorporate backstories into the adventures. I am a talented improvisor and am able to allow for player shenanigans while not losing the thread of the adventure. I can run engaging dungeon crawls, social encounters, and puzzles, but always run what is in the interest of the group. While I always read the rulebooks I feel that the rules are guidelines. If they interfere with the fun and flow of the table then they should be changed or ignored. While for the most part the rules of the system will be followed the Rule of Fun and the Rule of Cool will always trump a troublesome game mechanic. I tend to run my combats quick and dangerous, but am able to scale difficulty to party preferences. I personally feel that combats are most memorable when the party barely succeeds, but also recognize the fun of slaying everything in your path without breaking a sweat. My asset library on Foundry is vast and I can a beautiful map for almost any occasion. I provide vivid descriptions and iconic roleplaying moments. However, I am well versed in playing theatre of the mind games if that is the party's preference.

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