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About me

Hi there! If you're reading this that hopefully means you're interested in having me DM a game for you. I've been running since I was in high school and my passion for the game has grown every day since then! I enjoy creating dynamic situations and adventures that both play to the interests of my players as well as use interesting lore to help immerse the players. If any of that sounds like your kind of fun please continue reading! As much as I enjoy running DnD and other RPG systems my greatest passion is world building. I have a long list of different settings and campaigns, at least one for each genre you could think of. I would love to run any of them but I think many players are interested in something a bit more personal, this is where I think what I offer is unique to anyone else on this site. I will make you and your friends your own custom setting, spending two weeks working on it using ideas from you and your friends. Tell me what races, genres, concepts, and influences you are interested in and I will have something specific to your liking for a full campaign set in it! I'll even give you access to a copy of the setting document, letting you use it for your own games and stories long after our game finishes! This is my unique passion, to create settings with abundant imagination and a grand love that I'd love to share with you! If this interests you please contact me!

GM style

I enjoy running with an emphasis on player exploration, not just of maps filled with adventure but also of lore while investigating a mystery or the inside of organizations such as a mad cult of dark gods or a mega-corp in a cyberpunk future. I feel that no GM can really show the players something that's more interesting than what the players built their characters around and I like to make sure that I follow up on your backstories in game. I also like to sparingly use combat. I feel as though violence is best used in short, intense bursts and though I will sometimes give you a combat dungeon I always like to make combat feel more like a dangerous puzzle or a sudden nightmare. Lastly I am primarily a horror DM, I enjoy using monstrous gods and dark worlds. My primary influences are many, from Neil Gaiman to Grant Morrison to HP Lovecraft, but for my horror I personally love the visceral nightmares of Clive Barker. I find his use of dark worlds of strange pleasures mixed with torture a real fun take on the cosmic horror that Lovecraft pioneered as well as his love of "magical secret worlds" full of secret wizards hidden in the urban jungle of the modern day. Of course no matter what I will never break any players barrier for horror or anything violent or disturbing. Before we start any campaign I will ask you to fill out a list of triggers. These will be confidential and I will not share them with anyone else. Using these I will make sure to never bring up or use anything that could trigger you. This is my promise, I never want to break the trust between me any any player.

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