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About me

I love TTRPGs and I love sci-fi. I am a fun focused, map heavy GM who likes to see his players survive. Mostly. I will play anything. I will run any campaign as long as i have enoigh time to properly prepare, my wheelhouse is Torg Eternity, World of Darkness, and Battletech/Mechwarrior (all your mid 90s books really) I have been playing since before computers, but I build most of my games on Roll20.

GM style

My style is fun focused. My early TTRPG experiences taught me that communication and collaboration supercede conflict and chaos. I am an improviser in Chicago. So expect lots of bad accents and character voices, and the most important rule is always "yes, and". I tend to be map heavy. I try to balance sessions and campaigns to be 65% role playing, 35% combat and crunch. I prefer sci-fi, personally, but i can tell a great story in any genre as long as there are heroes to answer the call. I hope to play with you soon!!


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