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About me

TTRPGs have become one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy the worlds we can build together, the story moments that pull on your heart or double you over with laughter, the crunch of combat. It's fun to see where you can go sitting around a table for a few hours. I'm most experienced with Chronicles of Darkness games, but I'm interested in running Free League games too, as well as Troika! and a dozen other systems. Right now I'm running one shots because I bought a ton of games through different bundles and by Talos I'm going to play as many as I can. So if you're interested, please join me on an interesting adventure or two!

GM style

I love high narrative games, crunchy combat, and every mix in between. Whatever game system we're playing, I do my best to make sure everyone is living their best PC life. I'm laid back and versatile, so while I'm dedicated to learning systems, I'm not a serious rules lawyer all the time. Rule of cool is an important and treasured concept at my table. I've been known to make playlists and inspo boards, memes for games. Sometimes I write little side stories during downtimes showing the effects of in game decisions, or make game achievements after players do something especially noteworthy. Mostly I love making sure everyone is having fun, feels safe, and feels connected to the gaming experience.

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