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About me

Greetings and salutations! I'm Ty, and there are few things I love more than world-building and telling collaborative stories. I got into RPG's in high school, and have been playing and running games nonstop for 7 years now. In those 7 years I've run Curse of Strahd a number of times, as well as homebrew campaigns in worlds of my own making. Most of the games I've run have been in D&D5e, but I have varying experience with myriad others too (Pathfinder 2e, Knave 2e, Powered by the Apocalypse games, and WorldLab to name a few). If you're looking for a game with a focus on narrative and roleplay – where your character actually lives in and impacts the world – I might be the GM for you. I look forward to telling fantastic stories with you!

GM style

I absolutely love tying in your characters into the plot and the world itself, and introducing folks to the world of ttRPG's. My stories tend to be a blend of serious and ridiculous (that joke character you befriended in session one? Of course they're gonna be plot relevant down the line!). As I mentioned earlier, I love the collaborative nature of ttRPG's. There's no railroad for the story, at best there's a trailhead and a machete – this is something new we're creating together. I provide the world, you provide a character and hijinks. Session 0 is crucial for this, so that I can get a sense of what you're looking for, and work with you and the other players to integrate the characters into the world. I tend to lean more towards roleplay than wargame-y, but that doesn't mean I don't love a good ol' combat encounter or boss fight. As such, the majority of the time will be spent in theater of the mind, but occasionally I'll use a VTT when it'd be helpful to visualize an encounter. Similarly, I view the rules as being there to facilitate the story we're telling, so if they get in the way I will bend or hack them to fit the moment. My games are welcoming of LGBTQ+, disabled, and neurodivergent players and characters. If that's something that offends you, then my games aren't for you. I do take safety rather seriously, employing safety tools and check-ins towards that end. We're all here to have fun telling a story together, after all!

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