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Ken Jacobs
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About me

I started my roleplaying experience at the age of 10, playing Shadowrun 2nd Edition, and have been GMing games constantly since then. I love the opportunity to explore new worlds and cultures in unique ways, and enjoy reimagining myths and legends and bringing them to life for my players. I'm fond of both pre-made modules and of hand-crafted adventures and tend to focus on narration and story-focused adventures over combat-driven driven ones, letting the players lead where they will.

GM style

I am a heavy worldbuilding-type Game Master, because I believe that a story is only as good as the context it exists in. I will build the world enough that, should the players go off the beaten path, there will always be something in the direction they are going. World events can happen whether the party is there are not, and it's up to the party to go adventure. Combats are often unique and are reflective of the things that would live there, and often require creative thinking to overcome, but are usually not the centerpoint of the campaign. My games are usually thrilling and investigative, often with hidden powerful figures and secret intents hidden behind most major events.

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