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About me

Howdy folks! My name's Tucker. I'm an improv comedian, public speaking coach, incredibly wannabe voice actor, and graduate student living in Montana where I am pursuing a master's degree in the rhetoric of comedy. I fell in love with roleplaying games very quickly when I first tried them my freshman year of college 7 years ago, and since then I've taken every opportunity I can to both participate in games and grow my skills for running and playing them. My table is a welcoming place that focuses on fun and flow. What does that mean, exactly? Well, my background in improv doesn't mean I don't plan anything (my massive lore and note documents are evidence of that), but I do love to leave things open for player creativity. Trust between players and GM allows for characters to act upon the world and help weave both the story AND the setting collaboratively. So long as I can trust you to act genuinely and creatively, you can trust me to accept and encourage your choices, thus keeping the FLOW of the game moving at a steady and enjoyable pace! I love being a cheerleader for my players as they do awesome things, make creative choices, and lean into their characters and the world. But why should you trust that I'll do all of that? My background and skillset lends itself well to being a GM: 1. I've been a player in numerous games (including TWO WHOLE finished campaigns, one of which was a 3 and a half year long Greek mythology campaign from levels 3 to 17). 2. Like many of you, I'm an avid consumer of TTRPG actual plays and have consumed thousands of hours of actual play content as well as GMing instructional content. 3. I spent 4 years as both an improv performer and teacher, and have continued to put those skills into practice both in TTRPGs and in my professional life as a graduate student instructor. 4. I have bachelor's degrees in both Speech Communication and Writing. 5. I've GMed for people of many different identities and backgrounds, and pride myself on being an ally who's always willing to learn! 6. I have well-developed skills in character work and narrative construction, honed through both my aforementioned degrees/activities as well as my previous GM experience. You can expect fun and fleshed-out characters and places to interact with, as well as satisfying and meaningful story threads for your characters to pursue as individuals and as a team. I look forward to meeting lots of you cool and interesting people, and telling some fun stories with you!

GM style

STORY Especially for longer campaigns, I love to ensure that characters' backgrounds and identities are woven into the plot and the world. The main plot of the home game I run was developed primarily based on the backstories and motivations provided by my players! I work with my players to either 1. craft story arcs that work for the character concept they have in their heart, or 2. craft characters with good reason to be involved in the established plot. Expect overarching campaign themes, stakes that aren't always world-ending, memorable and detestable villains, and for me to reach right into your character's heart to find all the juicy story bits we can. CHARACTERS I have an incredible love for embodying the many characters required of a GM. I have lots of experience with voice work, characterization, and improvisation. You can rely on me to give you not just characters, but PEOPLE to interact with in your games. While an NPC that's basically just a funny voice is excellent fun, you can expect lots more from my games. RULES I am a big proponent of the Rule of Cool, but I also love the mechanics of the game and love to help players work successfully within them! I'm an improviser and a big player cheerleader, so I will always try my absolute best to encourage fun and creative plays and ideas that may be outside the rules or expectations of whatever game we're playing. But, I will still defer to the rules most of the time - even if I wind up changing them a bit to better suit our fun! I am also an avid character builder for D&D 5E. I'd love to help you make characters that are both mechanically viable AND that work well for your ideas! Those things never have to be in conflict, in my opinion. I have several homebrew rules for 5E, mostly small buffs for things like Monks and Rangers, that we can go over at character creation! MORE IS MORE Inspired by Brennan Lee Mulligan's approach to character knowledge and agency, I like to not gatekeep information and experience from my players and their characters if I can. In my games, knowledge rolls abound and dead-ends are minimal. I like to reward players for taking agency and trying to interact with the game world! While you will of course face limitations depending on your character and the context, there's always something your character can attempt, know, or figure out. SAFETY & RESPECT Your enjoyment and safety is paramount in all of my games, in all situations, always. My games will utilize safety tools like Lines and Veils to ensure that we only delve into things that are fun and exciting. I also expect my players to come to my games with a presumed level of respect for everyone else at the table. That means being willing to share the spotlight, not trampling over others' moments, not pursuing "super funny bits" and negative character choices that clearly aren't fun for other players, etc. SHENANIGANS Especially in short-form campaigns and one-shots, I am always a hearty encourager of shenanigans. Play a silly character, make big risky decisions, do something sub-optimal... whatever you'd like, so long as it's fun and satisfying for everyone involved!

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