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About me

Hello and thank you for possibly considering me as a GM/DM for your next TTRPG! I'm Tucker and for almost 40 years I’ve been playing TTRPGs most often as the GM/DM. Like many of us I started with the D&D Red Box Basic Set in 1984 and I’ve been hooked ever since. My little brother and I played every week for years and tried our best to run games for one another. In time other friends would join the table as well sometimes at our house, and sometimes at theirs. As the years passed, I picked up plenty of other games and now I have a vast library of RPG books. Currently I have been helping people learn more about TTRPGs from running classes on how to GM, creating memorable characters, and with aspects of RPGs in general. I've only recently made the plunge as a professional GM. I have run games for all types of players from the newcomer to the veteran all are welcome. My GM style is more centered on role play rather than roll play, however I will happily adapt to fit my player’s needs. I like to have character backgrounds weave into the main plot creating a personalized collective story. I use improv from my theater background to do voices for characters to help make them more memorable. I love being an advocate for my players so that, if necessary, we can bend rule to have the cool. I try to give all my players time in the spotlight so that nobody feels sidelined. Theater of the Mind is my preferred method of running games though I understand that some are more visual, and I try to accommodate them as well. In this crazy time, I know many are choosing to use virtual methods to run games. I’m most familiar with Zoom but will be willing to use other platforms like Discord to suit the needs of the group. I do like to see everyone’s face, but I believe most important is the audio so we can all hear one another. Typically, I like to use a world I have developed since 1997 for D&D and Pathfinder campaigns if possible but will be happy to use a more traditional setting. I also like to run custom written campaigns for you rather than pre-published ones, however as with the setting I will run a pre-published adventure if it fits your needs. I own a lot of different RPGs so there are lots of games that I can run for you. If you don't see a game listed below that you want to play I may have it just ask! If my days/times listed don't work for you just reach out to me to see if I can do a different day/time. If you want an experienced GM who will make your fun the primary goal, then consider me. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my profile and hope to hear from you soon.

GM style

Since you are paying for a professional GM/DM I want to make sure that you the customer is satisfied. I achieve this by making my sessions a safe, friendly, and fun environment for everyone. No one deserves to be belittled, made fun of, or cursed at for any reason. I will strictly enforce this at the gaming table. Whenever we start a new game, I like to set expectations as well. I want to know what my players expect from me and I of them. What do you want to see? What stories are you comfortable with us telling? I also like to get feedback at the end of a session to make sure everyone is having fun. I also tend to make sure each person has ample time in the spotlight so no one person dominates. I prefer sandbox style games to give players the freedom to explore the gaming world we are in. Story, memorable NPCs, and roleplay tend to be my specialty since I have a background in theater and creative writing. Using voices and accents helps to make characters come alive. We can tailor the game to fit your needs be that tactical combat or lots of roleplaying. I can easily adapt to inevitable situations where players do something that is unexpected. I am an advocate for the players so sometimes it might be better to bend the rules a bit if it brings about a better experience. Theater of the Mind is my preferred method of running games, but I will happily bring a battle mat and other visual aids if requested. If we’re going the digital route, I’m most comfortable with Zoom, but will use other platforms if it suits your needs.

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