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About me

G'day, Started with the 3.5e Players Handbook and was hooked on TTRPGs ever since. With over a decade of experience I love running adventures set in the vibrant high fantasy of Golarion, the mysterious wisecrackin' city streets of 1920s Arkham, the dark leering vampiric boardwalks of Santa Monica, the bizarre future funk of the Nineth World, the extraplanar exploration of the self in the City Of Doors and of course, I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, Her beauty and her terror – The wide brown land for me! Playing in the fantasy that is Australia. Fast, loud and to the point, my games are snappy and dangerous with a great appreciation for players who are attentive and cooperative along with a desire to explore not just fantastical settings but fantastical ideas; who aren't afraid of putting on a funny voice or pantomiming the usual events of an adventure such as: - Sliding off a stark white glacier above a churning dark sea - Gurgling your last words in a pool of acid - Feeling your heart pound as a court case presents new evidence - Watching the dusty tomb ceiling fall towards you - Whistling as death shaves you in the heat of battle - Becoming giddy as you count up the gold pieces in a treasure hoard If this sounds like the Game Master for you, just call out a cooee and I'll be there to smash out an adventure. Just remember I am an Australian in GMT+10 (Or +11 if the curse of Daylight Savings is inflicted on me) before joining!

GM style

Fast, directed play with overarching narratives from popular pre-written adventure paths that players can share with others as they revel in victories and commiserate lost characters. I employ the use of timers, this can be as nebulous as a 10 minute timer that will cause something to 'happen' to the scene if the players are unable to decide on a course of action all the way down to a 30 second timer for each combat round; thrilling but not for everyone! Ambient music, odd voices, befuddling puzzles, battle maps and elaborate handouts- these are the things you'll find at my table; nothing to fear for those who find this overwhelming however, I always have a cosy plush red chair in the theatre in the mind ready to fall back on should it be a desirable way to play.

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